Mineo's Pizza House from 1992


We offer the best for your palate

The passion for their profession pushes Mr. Mineo savior to a continuous search for new products and culinary combinations to constantly improve the quality and taste of pizzas and dishes that are baked daily in his pizzeria "MINEO'S PIZZA HOUSE".

Quality is a theme dear to Mr. Mineo that 30 years ago in America waved as workhorse to win the fierce competition in America and in 30 years of pizza in America has been able to attend specialized courses in 'white art, preparation and cooking pizza and critical raw materials, such as flour, tomato sauce and mozzarella.

In STATES Mr. Mineo has learned the principles of production and specific behavior of these foods during cooking of pizzas and stuffed in such a way as to always provide a high quality artisan pizza.

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